Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Madness: What I'm Loving This Week

Hey girls! So I've decided that on Monday's from now on I'm going to be posting my favorite things of the week!

#1- Music-Timeflies-Cover of Wild Ones

Timeflies is one of my favorite bands on YouTube! I've had the pleasure of meeting them at my College back in February, and they were so fantastic! They're so down-to-earth and they deserve every ounce of recognition they get! I have a lot of respect for them and the effort they put into every song and video!


Alright, I'm gonna be totally honest right now and say that I didn't like Bandeaus when I first saw them. Over Spring Break my sister and I had gone to Tilly's and I saw a striped shirt with a Bandeau and It looked absolutely adorable! ....You sold me Tilly! I got it in bright blue and now I'm obsessed.

#3- Forever 21 Sunnies

I love this pair of sunnies from Forever 21! It gives a retro feel when you wear them! Probably going to get it in another color.

That's all my things I'm obsessed with for the week? What are yours?


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