Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hey Girls! So I'm obsessed with getting my haircut, and I always get bored with my hair...Honestly, it's a serious problem! Every year I seem to change it! Right now I have my natural dark brown hair with some caramel colored subtle highlights. After seeing Lucy Hale's hair on Pretty Little Liars this season, I realized that I loved the hairstyle! This Saturday I'm going to be cutting a couple of inches off  of my hair and I'm so excited to be doing it! I also decided that I wanted some new highlights, so I'm getting those too! Here's some pictures from Lucy's Instagram:

All pictures of Lucy's Instagram can be found here (through Lucy's Twitter) or through her Instagram and her username is @lucyhale89

I also found these haircuts on Pintrest:

Alexa Chung
Picture can be found here

Miley Cyrus
Picture can be found here 
Olivia Palermo
Picture can be found here

Also, I love these highlights! So beachy and stylish! 
Picture found here

What's your favorite hairstyle at the moment? Did you every do a drastic haircut?

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