Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Newest Movie You Need To See: Katy Perry's Part of Me 3D Movie

Hey girls! So tonight my sister and I went to the movies to see Katy Perry's new movie! I have so much respect for Katy as a musician; I went to Warped Tour for my first time when she was headlining in 2008! She has evolved into quite the star, and this movie was just living proof that she's still who she is! I really liked this movie for a number of reasons. Katy's Part of Me shows the ups and downs of her career. She didn't have famous parents or get signed to a label automatically, she had to work hard for it. She had people constantly telling her what image she wanted to convey, whether it was Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson type of singer. Katy just wanted to be the first Katy Perry. In this movie you see how fun and loving she is, and is truly an inspiration. After you see this movie, it leaves you with the feeling that you can do whatever you please, as long as you put your mind to it! You can purchase tickets here in you area to see Katy Perry's Movie!

Katy's Website to Purchase Tickets! 


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