Friday, March 8, 2013

March Monthly Wish List

Hey Girls! Sorry I haven't been around much! I've been really busy with internships and working plus enormous amounts of school work...but now I'm back! Anddddddd I'm here with some March Wish List items! 
March Monthly Wish List

#1-Vintage Sunnies
I love ALL things vintage! Vintage sunglasses are going to be pretty big for summer, so I might as well stock up now! These from Vincent Camuto are adorable and a must-have! 

#2-Fujifilm's Instax Camera Mini 
I'm determined to make a journal filled with Polaroids this summer to remember every single memory! I got this idea from Blue Crush 2, when they go on adventures and make a whole Polaroid map of every place they visited. 

#3-Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Bag
I LOVE Rebecca Minkoff bags! They're well-made and they have the perfect amount of hardware and edgyness to them so that you can wear them with anything and everything! I'm saving up for this bag for when I go to California.

#4-Nike Free Run 3's
Okay, these sneakers are AMAZING. I've seen them all over Pinterest and I'm looking to buy them soon for when the weather gets nicer! I need a new pair of sneakers and these are lightweight and flexible for walkers and runners alike. PLUS they come in cute neon colors! The price is a little high for sneakers, but Nike's a trusted brand that will last for a long time! 

#5-Charlotte Olympia Velvet Kitty Flats
These flats are simply adorable. I love these so much! Even though I'm more of a dog lover, these kitty flats are so cute! Charlotte Olympia has outdone herself with these flats! These flats are really expensive, so I'll be looking for an alternative! Until I can afford these on my college budget, I'll be drooling over these flats till I can buy them! 

#6-Tribal Backpack
This backpack would be the perfect carry-on for when I go to visit my Aunt in San Fran in July! It's big enough (and stylish enough) to hold all of my essentials! 

#7-Iphone Battery Recharger
I love this Iphone battery charger because my phone battery dies so quickly. It's good to have a backup (like on a long flight) and if you're on the run and didn't have time to charge your phone!

These are my march essentials! Hope you guys like them!


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