Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Would Wear: to Coachella

Hey girls! So I'm going to be starting a new series about what I would wear for certain events that I would love to go to / have gone to. My style's absolutely insane and I love getting dressed up so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show you all what my style is!

For this week, I've decided on some clothing that I would wear to Coachella. As much as I want to go, it's kind of impossible being at school and having Coachella be all the way in Cali. But hopefully I'll be able to go! That's on the bucket list before I die! Haha  Hope you like it!

Sunglasses are necessary! If you attend the festival, it's outside and you need sunnies to protect those eyes! 

This sweater gives a look a boho vibe! 

As you all know, I'm obsessed with anything with the American flag on it! These shorts are amazing and I've seen a pair of American flag shorts on every boho blog/tumblr imaginable this year. These shorts are so in! 

Headbands are also an essential to Coachella. I've been seeing them on every celebrity that's been photographed at Coachella. 

Fringe is another huge part of Coachella! Everyone has everything imaginable fringe! This JJ Winters' bag is in the closets of most celebrities! 

This vest is adorable! I love the fringe on the bottom of the vest. Like I said before, fringe is a necessity!!

Hope you girls like it! If there's any suggestions you'd like to make on which event/setting I should do next, let me know in the comment box! 


P.S.-you can go to the website to purchase these items under each picture!!


I look forward to hearing from you!


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