Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Madness: New Music!

Hey girls! So recently I've been looking at some new albums that have been released and reviewing them! I love to listen to any new music and am willing to listen to anything and everything! Lately, these are the albums that I've been listening to:

Carrie Underwood's Blown Away:
You can download this album and preview songs here at Itunes
My Favorite Tracks:
1. Good Girl
-This song's the perfect jam having the windows rolled down! It's about not going back to that guy who gave you trouble! The ultimate girl power song!
2. Blown Away
-I love the beat of this song! It's amazing! It really shows off Carrie's vocal range!
7. Nobody Ever Told You
-This is great feel-good song when you're feeling down!
If you like this album, I suggest Carrie's album called "Play On." It has tons of girl power jams and other good songs! You can purchase it here.

Eric Hutchinson's Moving Up and Living Down
You can download this album and preview songs here at Itunes
My Favorite Tracks:
4. Watching You Watching Him
-This song reminds me of some of the songs featured in Across The Universe when Jim Sturgess sings "I've Just Seen A Face." It's about how you still love that one person and how it's hard to see them with someone else.
9. I'm Not Cool
-This song's a great little jam you can bob your head along. I would make this a beach playlist song. 
10. Not There Yet
-This song is about living your life instead of working somewhere you don't want to be. He wants to just to go out and live his life the way he wants to. 
Fun.'s Some Nights
You can download this album and preview songs here at Itunes
My Favorite Tracks
1. Some Nights
-This is obviously the title of their album, but it's a great track! It's very original and like nothing I've ever heard before! It's like one of those songs that you press on repeat for a thousand times and never get tired of it!
3. We Are Young (ft. Janelle Monáe)
-This song is literally on every radio station across the Nation! Like their whole album, it's very original. Janelle's part in the song really tops it off! My favorite part is when they mention the Empire State, because I'm from New York! 
5. All Alone
-This song is a cool jam. The keyboard in the background gives this song a hip hop vibe. It's a song about being lonely but it's upbeat! 

This is no way shape or form a sponsored post! These are my own thoughts and opinions on these albums! Please buy these albums the legal way so these artists get the credit that they deserve! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
What are your new favorite songs?


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